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Have you listened to the latest episode of the pod?

Hey, guys, if you haven’t already, check out the latest episode of The Vintage Talk Bag from last week. A.J. Hoffman and Andy Witucki from The Small Market Podcast join me to talk about Masters of the Universe (1987) and, boy, do we get into it!

Next week, my brother Adam joins me for his second visit to talk about Roger Corman’s “Tales of Terror” (1962), so don’t miss it!

Here’s some links for you to get listening:

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The Small Market Podcast on Anchor

12. Black Sabbath (1963) Movie Review (Podcast Episode!)

Happy Halloween!

Are you looking for something scary to listen to on this spooky day, when the walls between the living and the dead are at their weakest? Well, then this is definitely the podcast for you!

Black Sabbath (1963) is a curious film. It has an overeager Boris Karloff in both the lead role as an anthology curator, and he appears in one of the segments as a violent vampire-like creature that is trying to eat his family. He hams it up and things certainly do get weird.

There are two other weird shorts featuring witches (black magic corpses) and a segment about a haunted telephone…or it’s just a telephone (we are not entirely sure).

Nevertheless, Black Sabbath is a fantastic anthology that prizes atmosphere above all else (and really succeeds). So join host Josh as he discusses this 60s horror flick with his brother Adam on this special “spooktacular” version of The Vintage Talk Bag!

Also, Boris Karloff’s name is Gorca in this movie, which is pretty rad.

11. Village of the Damned (1960+1995) Movie Review (Podcast Episode!)

The two versions of The Village of the Damned (1960+1995) have their moments—both good and bad (alien babies? communism? Luke Skywalker?)—so this week, hosts Josh and Will sit down to talk about which moments elevated each film to space (because aliens), and which moments…well, crash landed on Earth?

Join us for this week’s episode and don’t forget to Like and Subscribe to catch future episodes!

10. Black Belt (1992) Movie Review (Podcast Episode!)

It’s been a hot minute but The Vintage Talk Bag is back! This week, Josh and his brother William review an early 90’s film that has all of the charm of its lead (which is not much)!

Black Belt (1992) aspires to be a kung fu action flick but lacks both kung fu and action. It also has some disturbing familial implications (ewww). So join us for this week’s episode as we discuss a protagonist who lacks charisma, a villain who loves lady fingers (not the cookie), and another villain who replaces acting with eating (and he’s not just chewing the scenery)!