15. Masters of the Universe (Movie Review)


Though a day behind (turns out a pandemic can change one’s schedule), here’s a supersized episode of The Vintage Talk Bag, featuring AJ Hoffman from the Small Market Podcast (and his cohost Andy who is lurking somewhere in the background).

On this episode of the podcast, Josh and AJ talk about 1987s fantasy film Masters of the Universe, starring Dolph Lundgren, Courteney Cox, Frank Langella, and Billy Barty. They talk about AJ’s history with Masters of the Universe, Josh’s love of Gwildor, and Frank Langella’s over-the-top performance that transcends the art of theatrical monologuing. Josh also challenges his guest to a 10-question trivia game that’s all about Star Wars (or jedis … or alien boobs). And, yes, the character’s name is Man-at-Arms not Man-o-War but the podcast host is bad with names (especially high-fantasy names) and they were talking about power metal beforehand—so let’s settle down, okay?

Anyway, join Josh and his guest on a trip to Eternia (and Earth—but no drive thrus) and enjoy their epic discussion about who really HAS THE POWER!!! (hint: the answer is Gwildor).

As a production note: the recording of this podcast episode had a lot of blips and bloops after the recording was done (old equipment probably) so the host remedied this by buying some new equipment; however, he could only edit the hell out of those blips and bloops on this episode so as to not detract from the overall conversation, thus they should only be mildly noticeable. Regardless, just know that future episodes will be much cleaner on the post-production end!